A New Study Shows Plastic Teabags Can Leach Billions of Plastic Particles Into Your Tea

A new study published on Environmental Science & Technology last month examined plastic teabags and what exactly happens to that plastic in the teabag when it’s steeped in boiling-hot water. Researchers found that a single plastic teabag leaches approximately 14.7 billion plastic particles into a cup of tea. Researchers are urging consumers to avoid plastic teabags and use only loose tea or natural teabags like those made out of paper.

The Ultimate Pasta Sauce Shopping Guide

With hundreds of different pasta sauces available at the grocery store, it could take hours to read each nutrition label and choose the best one! Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’ve done! After reviewing more than 300 pasta sauces, I’ve compared all the nutrition information, looked for added preservatives and other sketchy ingredients, and found the BEST pasta sauces for your family! Whatever type of sauce you’re looking for: tomato sauce, Alfredo sauce, and anything in between, we’ve got the best of the best to make your next shopping trip easy! Note: We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

15 Foods to Give Your Baby This Summer

If your baby is just starting on solid foods this summer, they are in luck! Summer brings some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables, and there is no shortage of variety for your baby to enjoy! In this article we’ll take a look at 15 fruits and vegetables that you can prepare for your baby, either as purée baby food or as finger foods.

10 Healthy Ice Pop Recipes Perfect for Summer

Does your family love ice pops? They really are the best summer treat! Making ice pops at home is an easy way to enjoy a healthy and refreshing snack. Store bought ice pops are often filled with sugar, added colorings and thickeners, and are expensive. These healthy ice pop recipes from Registered Dietitians will help you get started in making your own ice pops right at home.