Upcoming Event: Food Allergy Class August 19th in Brooklyn!

Join me on Sunday August 19th, 10-11:30 AM at The Great Room for an interactive and informative class all about food allergies in infants & children! 

I am so excited to partner with The Great Room to offer this class. Finding out that your child has a food allergy can be terrifying, and doctors don't always help you cope with a new diagnosis. There are so many unknowns, like "What will my child eat?" "How will they get all their nutrition?" "What will the rest of the family eat?" "Will we ever go to a restaurant again?!?"

This class will cover all that and more! As a Registered Dietitian, I can offer parents & caregivers advice on:

  • The most common food allergies in children, and healthy replacements to help ensure they get all the nutrition they need
  • Shopping & cooking tips to pick and prepare foods that are safe for your family
  • Ways for the rest of the family to adapt to your child's food allergy
  • Dining out & traveling with a food allergy

Plus, I am super excited to have SAMPLES and COUPONS from some of my favorite allergy-friendly foods, like Ripple, Ener-G, Enjoy Life, and more!).

The class costs $40 per family. Kids are welcome, and there is a sing-along running simultaneously in the backyard that your kids are welcome to attend. Be sure to register in advance on The Great Room's calendar

As an added bonus, all participants will receive a voucher for $40 to apply toward any nutrition counseling appointment with me! Remember, I offer free 15-minute phone sessions to see how my services might be a good fit for your family. Visit my Services page to learn more.

Hope to see you there! If you have any questions about the class please feel free to Contact Me.