Top Products from the Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo!

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Gluten free, allergy friendly meals, snacks, and more!

I recently attended the Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo, and let’s just say I didn’t leave hungry! There were so many wonderful goodies to taste, everything from gluten free baked goods to kid-friendly allergen free birthday treats!

About 10 years ago, when my husband and I had first started dating, he tried out a gluten free dairy free diet to help with some stomach issues he was having. The diet worked wonders, but it was so difficult finding decent, healthy, and affordable gluten free foods. Thankfully there is much more awareness now around special diets, and there are infinitely more products out there than 10 years ago!

Plus, as a dietitian, I was so impressed to see that companies are putting a greater emphasis on healthier options, like whole grains, plant-based, and reduced sugar options. Following any sort of restricted diet can lead to some nutrition deficits, so it’s great to see that companies are making foods that encourage a wholesome and balanced diet.

After tasting, re-tasting, and looking at the nutrition information on tons of foods, I’ve compiled my favorites for you here! These can all be easily purchased on Amazon (affiliate links), so you can be snacking in no time!

Have you found some other favorite gluten free or allergen friendly products? Share them with me in the comments!


Here are my favorite gluten free, allergy friendly foods from the expo: