Daily Harvest: A New Parent's Dream Come True

New parents fantasize about three things in those first few weeks and months after baby is born: a good night's sleep, laundry that magically washes and folds itself, and delicious food they don't have to cook themselves.

Unfortunately, I can't help with the first two. But good food, that's something I know about.

I recently had the opportunity to try Daily Harvest smoothies, bowls, and lattes. For those of you that don't know, Daily Harvest delivers natural, organic, nutritious, meals right to your freezer. I was wary at first. The pictures I've seen on their website look absolutely beautiful.... like..... just a little too beautiful. How could food from the FREEZER look like that? 

The minute I unearthed my first soup I saw why. Inside this cup looked like one of those models you see at a science museum showing the different layers of the earth. Perfectly straight layers of sweet potatoes, kale, beans, corn, lentils, spices. Everything was so vibrant and colorful. I literally gasped. Usually, when I pull stuff out of my freezer, it's frozen in a solid block or ball and covered with ice crystals inside and out. Not these guys.

Cup after cup I was so impressed with the quality and taste of meals from Daily Harvest. It's exactly what I wish I had after my baby was born. Continue reading for my dietitian's review of Daily Harvest.

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It's not even cooked yet and it looks SOOO delicious! 

It's not even cooked yet and it looks SOOO delicious! 


Perfect nutrition for new parents

We all know that pregnant women need more: more calories, more vitamins, more water. But that need doesn't stop after the baby is born. Especially if mom is breastfeeding, our need for nutrients is just as high or even higher than when we were pregnant. 

It is so hard to eat right with a newborn. The most cooking I did those first few weeks involved opening a can or the freezer. It's wonderful having visitors that bring food, but that usually means a non-stop carb parade: an endless rotation of bagels, pizza, and baked treats. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, these foods were exactly what I was craving at the time and I was so happy to eat cold pizza after a middle of the night feeding. The combination of sleep deprivation, baby blues, and worrying about every little cough, sneeze or gurgle, it's like your body just screams out for COMFORT FOOD. But, unfortunately, parents cannot survive on pizza and bagels alone.

Nutritionally, Daily Harvest cups get my Registered Dietitian seal of approval. They're full of fruits & veggies, fiber, good fats, and antioxidant-rich spices, exactly what new mamas need. They're surprisingly low in salt and sugar. And the fact that you need to add water or broth means that you'll get a good boost to staying hydrated, which is incredibly important for nursing mamas.

Oftentimes with a newborn in the house, after focusing on the baby, we tend to focus on mom's nutrition and wellness. But don't forget the other parent. While mom is physically recovering from giving birth, it's just as important for the other parent to get all the nutrition they can to help support mom and help take care of the baby. The nutrition in these meals will help give all new parents the energy and stamina to keep up with their new responsibilities.

This was one of my favorites, overnight oats with mulberry and dragonfruit. So bright and full of amazing berry flavor!

This was one of my favorites, overnight oats with mulberry and dragonfruit. So bright and full of amazing berry flavor!


Cook with one hand

One thing I didn't fully appreciate until I became a mom is that you really do learn to do EVERYTHING one-handed. Grocery shopping? No problem. Flossing? A little tricky. Cooking? Not so much. I tried it at first, but got so scared that my knife would slip or she'd slip out of my arms and fall in to the oven, so I try to keep baby away from cooking as much as possible. 

These Daily Harvest cups were one of those things that I felt pretty comfortable making with baby in tow. Just pop off the lid of one of their cups, add water, and add to a blender or a small pot (or microwave!) to heat. No fuss, no mess, no knives flying around the kitchen wildly threatening to give baby her first haircut. Sold.

Photo from Daily Harvest

Photo from Daily Harvest



Inspiration and motivation

Sometimes it feels like it's impossible to get anything done with a newborn. In those first few weeks and months, I gave myself a high five for just taking a shower. What I like about Daily Harvest is it allows you to create delicious, healthy meals in no time, which you should absolutely celebrate.

Because Daily Harvest is so easy to prepare, I found myself actually looking forward to making myself lunch. I remember one day in particular it was really cold and rainy out, and I said to myself "Yes, perfect weather, I'm going to make that Daily Harvest soup today!". 

As someone who naturally loves to cook, the exhaustion of caring for a newborn really zapped all my desire to cook. We relied heavily on the help from friends and family in those first few weeks. Even once I was physically starting to feel back to normal, I was still so sleep deprived and tired that making a whole meal from scratch wasn't something I looked forward to. Daily Harvest helped reignite my interest in cooking by showing me these new and interesting flavor combinations. One meal I had featured brussels sprouts, mushrooms, hazelnuts, and a sesame and olive oil sauce. It was amazing. It helped snap me out of my take-out funk and pushed me to get back in the kitchen.

Such a unique and tasty flavor combination. I never thought about cooking with tahini (sesame seed paste) before until I tried this.

Such a unique and tasty flavor combination. I never thought about cooking with tahini (sesame seed paste) before until I tried this.


How to get yours

Visit Daily Harvest to learn more about their products and how to get yours. As a special offer for Nutrition Hungry visitors, use the code ZELFDEN to get three free cups on your first order!


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