Summer Peach Smoothie

Summer Peach Smoothie


Every year when summer comes around, it's like I discover peaches for the first time. I roll out of bed on Sunday morning, head out to the market, and see them, like a shining ball of sunshine just waiting for me. Fresh, ripe peaches have such a strong fragrance they overwhelm all the other fruit. 

There are a few different varieties of peaches (actually, more than 300 varieties in North America!), but the most popular kinds we see are yellow peaches and white peaches. What's the difference? Yellow peaches tend to have more of a tang and be a little more acidic, while white peaches are smoother and sweeter.

You'll also sometimes see the designation of clingstone or freestone peaches. Clingstone peaches are ones where the flesh clings to the stone (clever name, eh?). These peaches tend to be sweeter and juicier, which makes them great for canning and baking. Freestone peaches have flesh that doesn't cling to the pit, so while they are a little less juicy, they're great for eating whole.

Then, you arrive at my personal favorite, the donut peach. If you see these babies, pick yourself up a dozen or two. With sweet white flesh, a small pit that falls out easily, these are in my opinion the perfect peaches to eat just as they are. They can be hard to find, so take advantage when you see them!

Read more about buying and storing peaches here.


Summer Peach Smoothie Recipe

A fresh, healthy smoothie recipe to enjoy the best fruit of summer! Serves 1


1 fresh peach, any variety, chopped (you can leave the peel on or off)

6 oz plain yogurt (regular, low-fat, fat free, whatever you like)

1/2 cup frozen strawberries

8oz coconut water



Blend everything together in a blender, food processor, or with a stick blender. Serve in your most summery glass.


What are your favorite ways to enjoy summer peaches? Let me know!

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