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Get to know Nutrition Hungry's founder Stephanie Van't Zelfden


Hi there, I’m Stephanie!

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), mom to the beautiful Ava Joy, passionate home cook, and founder of Nutrition Hungry. Nutrition Hungry is a food and nutrition brand created to help busy families cook healthy, delicious meals… and actually ENJOY doing it!

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My Story

After college, I found myself working crazy hours, constantly stressed, getting sick all the time, and overall tired and burnt out. As a creative outlet, I started writing a gluten-free cooking blog. My husband (then my boyfriend), had started following a gluten-free diet to deal with some stomach issues. Thanks, sweetie, the perfect inspiration!

Flash forward a few months, one night I’m cooking dinner after another long work day, writing notes and taking pictures and just having fun. A spark went off in my head. Did I just find something that was RELAXING and FUN after working a 12-hour day?!? 

Right then, I decided to make a change. I (literally) Googled different careers that involve food, special diets (like the gluten free diet, which was making my husband feel sooo much better), and cooking. And TADAAA, I discovered “dietitian”.  I enrolled in a basic nutrition course at Brooklyn College, and day 1 was hooked. After many semesters, an internship, and a brutal exam, I got to add those beautiful letters “RDN” after my name. It was one of the proudest days of my life!


Nutrition Hungry

One thing I learned early on in my journey is that I wanted to have my own business. And I knew that business would focus on cooking. It’s what got me started down this path in the first place. I’ve always found cooking to be relaxing, grounding, and fun. And after becoming a mom, and learning how challenging and stressful it can be to feed not just yourself but a FAMILY, I knew that I needed to channel my efforts on helping families and children. 

Busy families know that eating right is important. Parents understand that proper nutrition helps children grow strong, maintain a healthy weight, and do better in school. They also know that eating right will help them feel great and avoid weight gain and diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Studies show that families that cook and eat together have a healthier and more balanced diet. Kids that cook are generally less picky, eat more veggies, and have a more positive relationship with food as they get older.

But of course, life gets in the way. Cooking becomes more and more of a chore and a challenge. There are never enough hours in the day to meal plan, shop, prep, cook, clean. Then there’s picky eaters (and not just the kids!) and worrying about giving your family balanced, nutritious food. Social media bombards us with these almost impossibly beautiful meals, and trying to live up to those expectations just feeds into the stress even more. Getting takeout or heating up a ready-prepared meal is easier than ever. But it’s expensive, and most of the time it’s not healthy. 

 My sweet, happy girl Ava!

My sweet, happy girl Ava!

Make the Kitchen Your Happy Place

It’s true, there are a ton of resources online that focus on healthy cooking. Recipe blogs, cooking shows, and a million and one diet trends. But what these don’t do is make cooking any less of a chore or any less stressful.


Nutrition Hungry’s goal is to do just that. Join us, and you will:

  • Find joy and peace in the kitchen
  • Become a confident home cook
  • Learn the basic principles of nutrition, so you will feel confident that you and your family are eating healthy
  • Fall in love with new ingredients
  • Strengthen your family’s bond by cooking together


Cooking for yourself and your family is a gift. It is love. It nourishes body and mind. It preserves family traditions and keeps us in touch with our roots. It's time to find out what it feels like to say "I love to cook". 



Ready to get started?

Put on your apron. Roll up your sleeves. Let’s get cooking!



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